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Old 24-06-09, 06:14 PM
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Default Bank Accounts

Not everyone knows this - but banks are competitive and really want your business. If they sign you up with them, chances are they'll have you as a customer for years to come (who's actually changed to another account?!). This means that you can be choosy and find out what banks offer - and which one will be best for you..

Student bank accounts are a big example - you're about to go to university and banks offer all kinds of incentives to get you to bank with them.

Ranging from 50 - 100 cash back, to free travel vouchers, to other gifts and goodies, if you look around you can get some great deals.

They usually start advertising at the end of the summer - so if you can, wait with the opening of the account, and when they start announcing their offers, compare them, and get as much as you can!

We'll be putting up all the banking offers here on E4S so watch this space..
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Old 02-09-09, 05:11 AM
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What if some one has two accounts in two different banks, and he show the food stamp office only one of these accounts, and did not mention the other account, do they know about it ? Do they really check if you have accounts in all banks other than the bank you admit to have account in ?cd rates
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