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Old 15-04-08, 09:13 PM
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Question Catch 22

Like everyone here I am desperately seeking a job - have been since I was 16 and unfortunately no luck. I am now 20 and jobless. Great. So you probably see why it's difficult to remain enthusiastic.

What troubles me though is when I walk in to a shoe shop or a clothes shop...served by incompetent people, younger than me who haven't got a clue about customer service skills or anything else for that matter. I wonder what hidden talents they have that I don't.

Anyway, when I apply for jobs they always say "experience not essential as training is given" but thats a lie!

The main point I was trying to get across was:
How do prospective employers expect us to have previous experience or training when they won't give it to us?
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Old 14-06-08, 10:19 AM
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Hi Aliyah!

Well, I was in the same situation during my studies and after the graduation too.
I am not quite sure but,maybe I have passed 100 interviews and my CV, there was no job advertisement missing my reply on the country.
And at the end, I stated like a waiter, there was no other choises.

But working, u can find a better job, trust me!

Now, I am working in a good institution here and have got my 3 job experiences, also a better salary.

So my advice is: Keep trying and try to present better in the next interview!

I wish u'll find it soon!


*p.s also going in so many interviews is a very userful experience
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