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Old 06-08-09, 01:26 PM
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Cool Hello, unemployment sucks.

Hello I'm Natasha, I just joined as one of my friends recommended this site to me and I'm actually surpised how good it is for students! I'm at sixth form and I *do* have a job, but it's closing this Saturday =( I've handed in so many CV's, and applied online to loads of places, and I've been registering on so many Job sites I can't actually remember which ones I've joined!!
Not one single person has got back to me yet, well except a couple of "no's" but that was expected as they were just random "I'm giving up, i'll just apply for anything now!" Has anyone else had the same problem?? (Guess you have or you won't still be looking for a job!) Has anyone got any tips aswell? Please!

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Old 04-05-10, 08:45 PM
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Hi Natasha

I have had this problem I handed a CV in to Argos and so did one of my friends it was a christmas Temp Job and they didn't get back to me or my friend.

I think its best to keep looking for a job

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Old 11-10-10, 05:16 PM
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Cool ...


You're in such a similiar situation to myself however, I'm not currently holding a job and about to lose it. I've done everything that has been recommended and gone out looking for work in my local area. Not successful. Hopefully I will have more luck with this site.

p.s. Everything seems to be aimed for over 18's online. I've been suprised at how few jobs are offered for students in sixth form.
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