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Old 09-04-09, 12:15 AM
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Default 2009 outlook for UK-Internship

Overall my expectations for the year of 2009 and throughout 2010 is to look pretty grim. I was talking to several people earlier and the prospects for employment are looking rather grim.

Saying that though, on the flip side the prospects for a UK-Internship are looking quite well. UK-Internship companies are taking on more and more interns as we speak day by day.

From what i have noticed over the last few months a UK-Internship companies are not only taking on new students but are generally thriving in a deteriorating economy. The reason being that more people are looking for work experience, and Internship companies are eating that up and are taking on new candidates by the day.

When applying to one of the many UK-Internship companies that are about in the UK I would advice that for the most part to commit to internship programs that you are after and to set up a plan after you internship.

An internship is usually a brief to short lived work experience program, designed to give you a kick start in your career. Therefore, when choosing a UK-Internship think about what you want after-wards and plan ahead.

Overall the outlook for UK-Internships is on the up and up. Go through the check list of your CV and covering letter. Build up you communication skills, learn how to adapt to changing environments. Be prepared to take on new tasks and opportunities.

Develop a plan for what you want to achieve from a UK-Internship and work on it. Build up contacts and take the initiative and learn as much as you can from an internship in the UK.

Lastly for a UK-Internship save a bit of cash on the side and remember that there are plenty of internship companies out there now so if one turns you down there are many more to choose from.
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