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Old 08-02-08, 09:53 PM
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Default How much do I need to know

How much do i need to know about a company when applying for a financial internship? I don't know very much at moment but know that deadlines are getting nearer and I have to hurry. Think I may do the research after the application.
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Old 10-02-08, 01:59 PM
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Default Internship research

I'm going through internships now and seeing what I can apply for - I think it's quite late for it though, most of my friends applied ages ago. I reckon you should just apply. For some applications you need to know quite a lot of background, but just do what you need to...

Everyone always tells me about prioritisation! Aaah! x
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Old 10-02-08, 02:12 PM
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Default Internship applications

I'd echo what was just said - applications are generally to show your experiences, how they relate and to answer specific questions. Although it's good to have a good knowledge of the company, it becomes more important in things like interviews.

What I would stress though is that it is really important that you know, (and convey to them that you know!) what the role is about and why you want it and think you'll be suitable for it. This will mean you have to know about what you are applying for and have solid reasons for your application.

The more prepared you are for an application form, and interviews etc, the more you are showing the employer dedication, hunger for the job, an interest, and giving yourself the chance to give them the answers they are looking for. If a job requires brilliant communication skills, if you haven't done the research you might not realise this properly.. your chances of getting the job will be much bigger if you know all of this in advance!

Good luck!
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Old 27-03-09, 11:12 PM
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Hi I am a university graduate interested in getting an investment banking job. I dont have any internship experience so think it may be very hard to get one of these jobs. I have been looking into using some of the companies that help people get banking jobs (e.g. www.ibankingjobhelp.com). Has anyone used these and are they any good?
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Old 09-04-09, 04:03 PM
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Default preparation for a UK-Internship

Preparation is key to acquiring a UK-Internship.

Before you go for your first interview it is strongly advised that you take the time to research about the company and the sector that you are applying to.

For instance learn about the financial sector. Outline what are the major topics in detail. What are your assumptions of the future and what would you change in the industry to make a difference.

All of this should be in your head before going for your first interview for a UK-Internship. Overall, presentation, appearance and confidence will be key for the financial sector. So your wording must be accurate and to the point. You have to justify to the company that you really want this UK-Internship and that you mean business.

Overall there are many people out there looking for work and they will all jump on the opportunity to take you place for this UK-Internship placement.
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Old 10-04-09, 12:34 AM
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Default What you should know

My main bit of advice is to stay proactive and to keep trying.

To ask questions and research as much as you can.

Important to all this is that you keep your cool and show confidence in your voice and body language.
They say that over 80% of communication is non verbal. So it is important to gain a good first impression and to work on the subtle skills.

A good way to try is to do practice interviews or apply left right and center for an interview and go in with the aim to gain experience from the interview and learn from process that you undertake. You have to get the employer to like you before you can get the job.
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Old 16-11-09, 07:49 PM
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I've got a quick question???/

Roughly how important is it to know and research the company. I mean what are the companies expectations overall, as it is an internship I expect that they don't expect us to know everything!!

Unless of course it is a specific field of study.

What I am curious about is what is the most important thing that I should do to ensure that I can get the internship or at least do well in the interview
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