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Old 23-11-10, 06:54 PM
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Default Beware of open contracts!!!


I'm a student in Manchester, I applied to the Odeon at the Trafford centre for PART TIME seasonal work beginning in November. I attended an interview and a weekends worth of training. At no point in this time did anyone discuss with me the amount of hours I would be working.

In my first week of working for the company I was given 36 hours a week to work, this is obviously too much for a full time student as these are full time hours. I rang the office immediately to discuss the matter but was greeted with a response of 'you will have to find people to cover them then.' As a new member of staff i wasn't offered any assistance in this and subsequently had to leave the company. When questioned on why I was unhappy, I gave my response as 'I thought this was a part time position, these points should really be brought up by the company at interview.' They had a pretty condescending reaction of, 'don't tell us how to run a business.' In reality that one simple piece of information given at interview would have saved them time and money in costs of training, hence why I made the point.

I know a lot of people would want a lot of hours at this time of year, but these kinds of shifts have a massive impact on university work and need to be agreed beforehand.

I hope people find this information from my experience useful and avoid wasting their time on this company.
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