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Old 03-03-09, 09:32 AM
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Default Jobs and Internships...

Hello all,

The Jobs and Internships are designed for high school and university students, recent graduates and for those professionals wishing to benefit from international experience in their field.

Working or doing an Internship means that you will take a big and important step in your professional career. You will practice the subjects that you are studying with your university, learn and practice another language at the same time get a lot of helpful tips and guidance. Surrounded by young, dynamic and motivated people you will strengthen your skills and you will demonstrate to future employers that you are willing to learn and that you are taking your career seriously.

Your CV will stand out in the very competitive job market and will increase your opportunities significantly.

Thank you...
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Old 27-03-09, 10:28 PM
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Default Interview Help

Hi I am a university graduate interested in getting an investment banking job. I dont have any internship experience so think it may be very hard to get one of these jobs. I have been looking into using some of the companies that help people get banking jobs (e.g. www.ibankingjobhelp.com). Has anyone used these and are they any good?

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