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What do I need to do once I’ve completed my form?

Once you've completed and submitted your online form, you should come to a page entitled "Evidence Summary", or something equivalent. On this page, you will be shown the address of your LA (Local Authority); you will need to post all of your evidence to them, at that address.

Verifying your Identity

To verify your own identity, you will need to send them either your passport or your birth certificate or your adoption certificate - but if you send a birth/adoption certificate you will need to fill in a separate form called an Identity Declaration Form, which you can download from the applications website under "Forms and Guides". This form will need to be signed by a person of standing who has known you for at least two years; a teacher would be the most common person to ask, but a doctor, vicar or lawyer (amongst other professions) would do just as well - but they must be a UK national, and they must have access to their passport as they will need to write their passport number on the form. You then need to send your birth/adoption certificate and declaration form (or your passport, if that's what you're sending) to the address you've been provided with. Don't be confused by the statement on the website that they need to be "original documents": you do not need to fish out the first birth certificate you ever had - they just mean that you cannot send photocopies. It also does not need to be your extended birth certificate - the shortened version will do just fine. Given that your documents contain personal information and could be used for fraudulent purposes if they fell into the wrong hands, you should probably send them by Recorded Post. You can expect your documents to be sent back to you within a few weeks (mine took just under three weeks).

Verifying Household Income

If you've applied for a means-tested loan, your parents will need to provide the SLC with evidence of their earnings. This can either be in the form of a P60; a month 12/week 53 payslip showing "total paid to date" for earnings in the most recent tax year (06/04/07 to 05/04/08); a completed "Confirmation of Income" form, which can be downloaded from the Student Finance website; or a letter from an employer, confirming earnings.

You must verify both your own identity and your parents' income (if applicable) before the SLC will process your application.
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