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Default Internship applications

I'd echo what was just said - applications are generally to show your experiences, how they relate and to answer specific questions. Although it's good to have a good knowledge of the company, it becomes more important in things like interviews.

What I would stress though is that it is really important that you know, (and convey to them that you know!) what the role is about and why you want it and think you'll be suitable for it. This will mean you have to know about what you are applying for and have solid reasons for your application.

The more prepared you are for an application form, and interviews etc, the more you are showing the employer dedication, hunger for the job, an interest, and giving yourself the chance to give them the answers they are looking for. If a job requires brilliant communication skills, if you haven't done the research you might not realise this properly.. your chances of getting the job will be much bigger if you know all of this in advance!

Good luck!
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