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Default Best paid jobs...

If you're still thinking about what graduate career you want to get into - then think about the money!! Think about how much you can potentially earn, and to help you do that there's an article on MSN today about the top 10 paying careers in Britain. They are as follows (and in order!):

1) Director of Chief Exec
Kind of makes sense - easier said than done though!

2) Broker
The joys of the world of finance..

3) Financial Manager
See above!

4) Medical Practitioner
Don't even think you only have to study 5 years at university.. it's longer!

5) Pilots / Flight Engineers
Not good if you're very small or overweight..

6) Air traffic controllers
A very responsible job indeed! Not to be underrated

7) Marketing and Sales Managers
Basically run a company..

8) Solicitors / lawyers etc
Pretty competitive, but then, pays well!

9) Police Officers
Only if you get above a certain rank does it get well paid!

10) Finance and investment analysts
Hmmm - finance world again.

I hope this gives you a few ideas on where the money is... good luck!!
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