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noot1354 12-02-08 12:29 PM

Work in england
Hoi, I have just come over from Holland to work here in London and hope someone can help give me direction. I don't mind any kind of work - have worked in clubs and bar before. Are there ideas on good type of work?? Thank you

turkishdelight 12-02-08 02:21 PM

Have you looked at catering and hospitality companies? Many event organising companies in London are always on the look out for potential employees to work tables or on bars at big swanky events. Maybe worth a look on E4S for bar work or catering stuff. Byeeee.x x

starteasycareer 20-02-09 04:26 AM


You have already working experience in clubs and bars.. What type of working experience there you had...?
what type of jobs you are looking next...?

Dave 20-02-09 12:31 PM

Club's and Bars are always looking for people with experience to work, You shouldn't have any problems finding one.

If I were you I would call up various Club's that look "Up-Market" (They generally Offer The Best Pay) ask for the manager and ask if they have any jobs going. Most ofthe time they'll say yes.

If your preference is to work during the day or in a more relaxed environment then do the same to pub restaurants.

sarahjaynemoore 15-09-10 04:35 PM

looking for a pert time job in cambridge
My name is sarah iam 16 and have recently left school i tryed ot go into college to do childcare but because of my police record i cant do that course and i have looked at all the others available and im really not interested in the rest so iam now looking for a part time retail job in the centre of town in cambridge. i live in saffron walden but visit cambridge all the time as i have family hear i stay with all the time, someone please get back to me as if i dont go back to college which i dont want to then i need to get a job desperatly, can anyone help please, yours sarah moore

bsforrester80 08-03-11 12:51 PM

The best advice I can give is to get out there and walk the streets handing in your CV to every shop, you never know therer may be a vancancy. Retailers hae tight budgets so won't want to spend much on advertising. If you find them rather than the other way round you are more ikely to get the job.

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