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Onders 24-06-09 06:16 PM

Which bank accounts are good?
Which bank account do you have and is it good?? Let others know here and help them make the right decision!

I'll start off with mine - Barclays.

They were pretty good and gave me a big overdraft. They were also quite good at the time about me going over my overdraft, which I was glad about! They also let me keep my interest free overdraft for ages..

Would I recommend them - yes. Lots of cashpoints, hardly spoken to customer service, but when I have, everything was ok, and happy to give me cash!!!

Onders 26-06-09 08:56 AM

Natwest Student bank account
Natwest are currently offering a 1250 overdraft facility in your first year at university and a free railcard worth about 130, as well as a few extras - half price mobile broadband, money off a laptop, etc

Worth looking into - seems quite a good deal, and a reasonably sized overdraft!

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