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jainmb 15-09-07 08:09 PM

Voluntary job in Financial sector

I am currently working for a leading bank in Amsterdam as computer consultant (Bussniess Analyst). I want to pursue my career in financial sector. For which i am planning to go for MBA. In order to get an exposure to this field i want to do a part time job/interneship in financial field( fr 3 - 6 month). If some body can help me with list of company n positions where i can get exposure to this field.
I will highly appreciate his/her help.

Waiting for your response.

Onders 17-09-07 04:41 PM

Where to find internships..
Hi - welcome to the e4s forum! September and October brings the main new internship season for undergraduates looking to do placements and get work experience mostly over next year's summer holidays. This means that over the next 6 weeks we'll be posting loads of details of new internships.. so it will be worth checking back..

One thing to bear in mind though is that a lot of internships are designed specifically for undergraduates. There are some that are not, so going through the specific schemes and finding out what the criteria are, is crucial.

chinmayv 23-10-07 01:11 PM

Summer Internship required in Financial Sector
I am doing my MBA from Mumbai in NMIMS. I have close to 4 years
of work ex and worked in IT companies like INFOSYS, TCS & NSEiT(National
Stock Exchange of India Information Technology) for financial sector
clients like Merrill Lynch, GMAC-CM, UTI.
I require to do my summers from May 2008 - June 2008 in a financial
services firm. Please help me with some pointers.
I would be in Europe (France) from Jan 2008 to April 2008) as a part of student exchange program.

Thanks & Regards,
Chinmay Vadhavkar.

FilliPac 09-07-09 06:40 PM

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Forexgof 23-07-09 06:59 PM

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