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Steve3 03-04-08 08:13 PM

Work for foreign people
Hello, I'm Czech and I wanna ask if anybody knows it's possible to get a summer job and a accommodation for just about one month- any manual work or something... I haven't found anything. Thanks for any reply:)

Onders 03-04-08 08:49 PM

Manual work..
Hi there,

From our experience it's quite hard to actually get offered a job whilst you are abroad and have not arrived in the UK. Most people will want to interview or at least see you before they give you work. Your best bet is to carry on researching and looking and even if you don't find anything, when you arrive you'll know more about the job market.
Soory I can't be of more help!

AndyBlue82 14-06-08 10:06 AM

I am in the same position.
I am looking this also but and I agree with u that its very hard.
But i was looking somewhere and they arrange also a WebCam based interview and maybe this might be an option.

Did u ever heard about this kind of interview?

Have a nice time all!

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