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barmy1 06-02-08 11:48 PM

Paying too much tax?
Hiya! My employer has askd me what tax code I shoudl be on, but cant find anything about it on the internet and my friends don't know either. I'm doing 2 shifts a week and am at uni. Can anyon help me please!

e4sforumadmin 07-02-08 02:42 PM

Hi Barmy1,

Tax codes can be pretty confusing! Have you worked for another employer between April 2007 and starting this job?

If so, you should have been given a P45 when you finished your old job. The P45 will have your tax code on it. You should give the P45 to your new employer and that should sort them out!

If you have not worked between April 07 and this job, then tell your employer that, and they should be able to put you on the correct tax code.

Hope this helps!

PS Have a look at the e4s tax guide for more info on tax - http://www.e4s.co.uk/docs/student-tax.htm

barmy1 07-02-08 03:21 PM

thx! can i just tell my employer this?! :)

Onders 12-02-08 09:35 AM

tax codes..
Yep - best to tell your employer exactly what your situation is, either tell him you haven't worked or give himyour P45.. he'll be able to then sort it out.

Good luck..

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