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Marine29 17-02-11 08:52 PM

Dear members, i need your help - internship research
Hello everyone! :)
My name is Marine and I'm a French student. I'm currently studying in a business school. In September I will start a gap year: our school "offers" us a year during which we have to do one 10 month internship or two five month internships. I've always been attracted to England, that's why I want to find my internships in this country. But that's difficult...:(
Moreover I have a friend of mine who is also looking for internships in England, and i would like to help him. I'm searching internships in : marketing, PR and my friend in finance, investment, mgmt controller, auditing, consultancy...
So, i need to know where I shall apply or if you have some ideas. Where do we have to look ? This site looks very complete, i've just discovered it, but if somebody could help us more, it would be great.
Thank you!

Onders 18-02-11 03:15 PM

Hi Marine,

To look for internships visit our internship search page http://www.e4s.co.uk/search/internship-jobs

Hope you find something suitable soon

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