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ty1405 27-10-10 11:04 AM

Making money at uni
Hi all,

I thought I would start this forum up to find out if anyone had any thoughts on how I could make some extra cash at uni?

I'm in my second year so I won't have that much time for many part time jobs, however I'm happy to do anything online!

bsforrester80 04-03-11 05:20 PM

Register with the jobs board/club at your Uni, if anyone has anything that will suit students it will come though Uni.

jonathanad10 25-04-11 05:19 AM

Hi ty1405, its really very great that if you can work on internet.There are many online firms which are hiring professionals which can do advertise for their products on internet. You can try on that.

bsforrester80 09-05-11 12:08 PM

I was actually in my second year at uni when I was looking at the University job shop! I ended up getting a job in online marketing which required me to write blogs and content for websites etc! It was very flexible hours and I could even work from home! So keep your eyes open and you might just get what you are looking for!

bsforrester80 11-05-11 10:56 AM

Try writing content for websites etc. Its very easy work if you have good writing skills and is flexible for you to work around studies!

Knepps 17-11-12 12:56 PM

You can launch a freelance writing career. This is a reliably odd job for students.

Knepp 28-11-12 10:43 AM

Start a freelance writing careers. This is a decent type of online jobs.

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