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iwannabe 19-03-09 03:07 PM

Volunteering in South America
Hi, has anyone got any experience volunteering in South America? I found an excellent opportunity with this organisation (Teach a man to fish) for Summer 2009 and I wonder if anyone had some pointers/experience in these areas. They are :


anis_check 20-05-09 06:24 PM

Looking for a Job
I m looking for any kind of part time job. If possible, pls reply as soon as possible.



catherineluff 18-06-09 11:00 AM

South America
Hey if you're thinkong about travelling to or working in South America I would recommend a company I've found called i-to-i, there are loads of teaching, community work and nature conservation projects in South America but they also do TEFL courses so you could get qualified and then try and earn some money as a teacher there;

Hope this helps!

Onders 18-06-09 11:21 AM

Catherine has mentioned one company that offer voluntary work placements in South America, and our advice if you're looking for volunteer opportunities is to check out as many organisations as you can and compare each of them.

Companies that offer voluntary work placements can differ massively, and can charge a whole range of prices, so make sure you know how much it costs, what you get for it, and how much other similar projects would be with other companies.

There's plenty of organisations out there - so make sure you do your research!

Good luck...

bsforrester80 31-03-11 11:02 AM

South America is a fantastic place to explore, I went there on an extended break and loved it. I imagine working there would be extra special as well, I hear there are 1000's of graduate jobs available if you look hard enough.

WillyMar 02-04-11 04:42 AM

Ask questions !
The most important one is ´Where does my money go?´

Give you an example :

A 4 week Street Girls project in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Projects-ABROAD : US$ 2895.

Identical project with BOLIVIA VOLUNTEERS : US$ 750

Makes you stop & think !

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