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Onders 24-06-09 10:56 AM

Ways to get more money
Here are a few ways in which you can get hold of more money. I've broken them down into categories:

Not all of them will apply, and the following options may not be available at every university but..

From the university / college / government

a) Student loan

This is generally a student's main source of income

b) Financial contingency fund

If you can show you're struggling to meet ends meet and can't afford to buy the essentials this may be an option. Not every university offers this though.

c) Bursaries and scholarships

If you have any outstanding abilities, or can prove that you would be an asset then you could potentially have some of your tuition fees or living costs paid for you.

d) Emergency loans

If you're desparate for money again, and can't afford to eat generally speaking!

e) Charities and Trusts

May be able to sponsor you

f) Sports bursaries or programmes

Again, if you have any specific abilities, then you could get sponsored or be given a bursary


g) Get a job!! Anything from a conventional job to working from home or internet work, or donating blood!!

Banks / Credit Cards

h) Overdraft

A very popular way of getting access to more money - banks generally tend to increase the overdraft the longer you study, and more often than not, you won't have to repay it straight away

i) Credit cards

Not generally a good way to get hold of more money due to the interest rates charged. Used wisely though it can be a helpful way of surviving

j) Loans

Again, generally NOT advised!!! High interest rates means you're likely to get into more trouble than before

Ask Parents / Family!

k) If you're really stuck for money, this generally tends to be a good option. If you've drunk all your money away in the bar then don't expect a nice answer though!

bsforrester80 04-03-11 04:19 PM

Ask Parents / Family!

That's usually my regretable option!! I do try to be frugal with my cash and I work part-time, it is just hard to keep up with everything!

bob55 05-06-11 05:05 PM

Re: Ways to get more money
These are some great ways to get more money. Also I love to do part time and weekend jobs.

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