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James22 15-03-10 10:41 PM

Audio typist
Hey there,

I'm looking for general information on audio typing, and if anyone has any, specific information on the TakeNote company.

One specific question I have is - how much typing time is an hour of audio?

Any general information would be helpful, too.



Onders 16-03-10 10:29 AM

Audio Typist..
Hi James,

You can find out more about the company if you do a search for them on Google - their website should come up top.

They do a lot of transcripts, and note taking for clients. It seems a great job in that it's not 9-5 and you can get jobs as and when.

Ok - about your specific question, it depends on what you are taking notes for. If it is someone talking constantly and for example churning out a constant stream of thoughts then you could say a few words per second. Lets say around 200 words per minute. If it's a more relaxed environment it could be less.

I'm just thinking how many words you could say in a minute... probably a lot!!

If anyone has any more specific information to help James out let us know..

Good luck..

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