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e4s_rizzle 29-07-09 02:12 PM

10 people to take with you to start a new world?
We at E4S were just wondering which 10 people they'd take with them to start a new far off world. As long as those lucky few chosen are alive... then they're fair game.

Currently Ray Mears and Sarah Beeny are high up on our reserve list!!

magicman 29-07-09 05:30 PM

Mears, yep, the big boy scout would be a must.

I would also take Gordon Ramsey. Apart from all his Effing and Geoffing he's a good leader so would keep everyone in order, even mears, and every night you could sit down to a gourmet meal with all the food mears has found during the day. He's also a good footballer so after mears has fashioned us a ball from whatever he can find, we could have a kick about and put Mears in goal.

So that's two down. I would also probably take Will Ferrell, although seemingly big and useless he's be good for morale with his comedy.

Andy McNab for security and military skills.

lawyer 19-06-10 07:40 AM

i would also like to be a part of you

bsforrester80 14-03-11 11:11 AM

You need someone like Jessica Alba to help produce lots of beautiful children!

I agree you would need a chef, someone with outdoor skills, a military advisore and s born leader. Will Ferell for comic releif is a good shout too!!

chozo 25-11-11 12:08 AM

Have to include Johnny Vegas for several reasons..

He's unlucky, so hopefully anything bad will happen to him first and serve as a warning to others.

He's slow and that never hurts if you're unlucky enough to chased by something with big teeth as all you have to do is stay in front of him.

If all else fails remember the golden rule of survival - Eat the fat one first!

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