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JoinTheAdventure 03-03-09 03:14 PM

Need volunteering ideas?
Looking for something new to do for your gap year? Or just a few months? Look no further!

When people say the word 'volunteering' what springs to mind?


I'm pretty definite the first few things you think of aren't rock climbing, quad biking, and scuba diving... just to name a few! And aside from the actual activities, you'll be adding to your CV; giving yourself a chance to stand out from the crowd in a job interview - volunteering with the Scout Association could give you the edge you need.

There are thousands of young people out there who want the opportunity to join a Scout unit to partake in some of those activities, but can't due to lack of volunteers. You could help. You'll meet new people, do something new, and increase your chance of getting a job!

For all details about getting involved, check out the site below now!


If you have any questions that you can't find the answers too on the website below, feel free to reply to this post and I'll do my best to help! I'm part of team called Dubit, and my name is Amee. Part of my job is to get as many people involved in projects as possible! So any feedback would be appreciated! Are you considering volunteering? Was this post informative? Any comments at all! :)

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