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dannyjack918 02-08-08 03:52 PM

Help i need a part time job
:confused: hey does anybody know how i should go about getting a part time job?? ive given my CV out at the local shopping centre. But ive had know replys from any of the shops,ive rang places and all i get is " no sorry we dont have any jobs at the moment" i dunno what to do next. any ideas?? im bored out of my brain and need a decent job :confused:

If anybody knows any websites that i could have a look at id epreciate it...


MarkF 19-07-11 10:12 PM


Me and my friends had the same problem has you and was told " no sorry we dont have any jobs at the moment or our jobs are on our website

Me and my friend applied for a job at Argos a christmas temp but did not hear anythink back from them so I think its best to keep trying

James_wba 04-11-11 09:35 AM

I dont understand this site it says you can give details of local businesses and companies that will employ students but i am not sure how you go about doing this :confused: does anybody know ???

maryb154 15-11-12 04:51 PM

Have you tried looking for jobs online? There are some pretty good student jobs websites out there where you can find anything from hospitality and retail jobs to mystery shopping. All you need to do is make sure you've got a copy of your cv to hand on your computer and the time to fill in some online application forms. I've got friends who've done that and so got through uni with a whole range of different casual/temp jobs.

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